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High current connector golf cart plug commonly used which several models?
Release time:08-30-2021

Guangdong sed Industrial Co., Ltd. is committed to the development, production and sales of high-current connectors. The main production of Anderson plug, Anderson connector, Anderson connector accessories, banana plug EC5, forklift charging plug REMA connector SIN series, OEM cable harness plug line customization. Fuse, plug type fuse holder, soft silicone wire and other power connector application accessories.

High-current connector has been widely used in the new energy electric vehicle industry. With the development of The Times, the application has been developed from fuel to electric power. For example, it is now applied to scenic spots, factories, real estate, hotels, resorts, campuses, parks, government departments and airports, wharves and other places sightseeing cars, patrol cars, sweeper cars, washing cars, golf carts are all used in high current connectors. With the improvement of people's living standard, the time for leisure and entertainment, golf course is no longer just a movie and TV show, but more people go to the place for leisure on weekends and holidays. The increase in golf courses has been accompanied by an increase in golf carts. Sunndi has developed and produced three types of golf cart plug: square plug, triangle plug and round plug.


Different styles of golf cart application plug styles are different, three plug types are optional. Shengendi brand manufacturers also produce soft silica gel line, support plug with line custom plug line, welcome to consult procurement customization.

Now although sainte Endi brand has a place in the high-current connector industry, it is still stepping up the pace of industrial adjustment, increasing scientific and technological innovation and capital investment, and producing high-performance connectors to meet market demand and conform to the development of The Times. In this year, Shengendi has increased the production department of soft silica gel line and the development workshop of abrasive tools, greatly increasing the production types and efficiency. From September, the factory will not limit the influence of electricity production, normal production and operation, ensure the normal delivery time, customers can rest assured to place orders, stock a large number of goods, order immediately delivery.