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100A 48V Forklift Charger For Electric Stacker

  • Rated Input Voltage Range : 3P 480VAC
  • Rated input frequency : 50/60Hz
  • Input power : ≤6.5KVA
  • Maximum input current : 13A
  • Maximum conversion efficiency : ≥93%
  • Rated output current : 100A
  • Rated output voltage : 48V
  • Rated output power : 4.8KW
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100A 48V Forklift Charger For Electric Stacker

1.Product Introduction:

1. **Optimized Performance**: With a rated output current of 100A and a rated output voltage of 48V, our charger delivers a power-packed performance, ensuring quick and efficient charging for your telescopic handler.

2. **Intelligent Design**: Equipped with intelligent features, our charger offers enhanced functionality and ease of use. It intelligently monitors input voltage and frequency, optimizing charging efficiency while protecting your equipment from potential damage.

3. **High Efficiency**: With a maximum conversion efficiency of ≥93%, our charger minimizes energy loss, allowing you to save on electricity costs while maximizing productivity.

2.Technical Parameters:

Rated Input Voltage Range
3P 480VAC
Rated input frequency
Input power
Rated input current(Max)
Maximum conversion efficiency
Rated output current 100A
Rated output voltage 48V
Rated output power


Output and input plug specifications.
Follow customer requirement
Communication CAN BUS
Auxiliary power output voltage


Auxiliary power output current 3A
Cooling method Forced air cooling 
 Operating temperature

Full power output at -40°C to 50°C

Derating output from 50°C to 75°C

Relative humidity
10%-90% non-condensing
Protection level IP 20
Below 2000m
30kg (for reference only, please refer to actual measurement)

3.Picture Introduction:



4.Our Advantages:

   - **Integrated Approach:** We take pride in our seamless integration of research, development, production, and sales for a diverse range of high-current connectors and accessories tailored for new energy applications.

   - **OEM Cable Harness Customization:** Stand out with unparalleled OEM cable harness customization services. Our team offers full-service connector and wire harness solutions, providing a comprehensive approach to meet your unique requirements.

   - **Exceptional Quality and Service:** From inception to completion, our commitment is to deliver exceptional quality and service, ensuring the success of your project. Consider us your all-in-one partner for cutting-edge new energy interconnectivity.

5.Packages & Shipping:

   - **International Standards:** Our products are meticulously packaged according to international standards, guaranteeing that your order arrives in impeccable condition.

   - **Global Dispatch:** Headquartered in Guangdong, China, we dispatch all orders from this strategic location. Count on our professional and efficient service to deliver your goods with meticulous care and attention to detail.


   - **Q: What services does your company provide for high-current connectors and cabling solutions?**

   - **A:** Our company specializes in delivering professional development, design, and integrated cabling solutions for high-current connectors ranging from 5A to 350A. We also excel in the production and sales of a diverse array of high-current connectors, plugs, and UPS/EPS power sockets catering to industries such as automotive, electric vehicles, communication power, medical equipment, power distribution equipment, material handling equipment, solar energy, and new energy.

   - **State-of-the-Art Facilities:** Boasting our own production and R&D base, we hold ISO9001 quality system certification. All our products meet CE, 3C, and other certifications, complying with RoSH and REACH environmental protection requirements.

   - **Reliable and Efficient Solutions:** With an unwavering commitment to quality and excellence, we provide reliable and efficient solutions to support our clients' businesses. Partner with us for a seamless journey towards success.