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Factory strength
Connector production is divided into two categories: connector production OEM wire harness production

The whole factory is divided into the following departments:
R&d department - grinding department - injection department - hardware department - assembly department -wiring harness custom department appreciation department - packaging department- transportation department

The production of large current connectors from research and development to delivery of one-stop service,
Designer team

Professional design of large current connectors
Mould development

Moulds for connector production
Mold test
The newly developed mould is on trial production of connect
Connector production
Connectors are produced by injection molding in batch
Connector space detection
Ensure the performance of the connector during space detect
Anderson connector、Single - pole connector,
double - pole connector, three - pole connector, connector accessories
flame retardant detection
Connector fire retardant PC UL94V-0 detection
Connector assembly
Anderson connector assembly fixed shrapnel
Connector plug and pull force test
Connector terminal
Automatic production of connector terminals
Connector packing
Delivery of connector packaging

Guangdong S&D Industrial Co., Ltd.

Factory Strength Production of Large Current Connectors from R & D - Development Mold - Connector Trial Mold - Connector Mass Injection Production - Connector Space Testing - Connector Fire Resistance and flame retardability Testing - Assembly Connector Plugging Force Test - Connector Hardware Terminal Production - Connector Packaging Delivery One-stop Service, High current connector OEM wire connector custom designed

The company mainly produces and customizes various large-current connectors, connectors, UPS/EPS power sockets and other products, specializing in providing supporting products and services for automobile, electric vehicle, communication power supply, medical equipment, distribution equipment, handling equipment, solar energy and new energy manufacturers. Take Anderson connector, Anderson plug, Anderson connector accessories, power connector, battery connector, forklift connector, OEM wire harness for example. Spot stock products:
Anderson connector/Anderson connector
Monopole connector: 15/30/45A 600V,75A 600V, 120A 600V, 180A 600V, 350A 600V
bipolar connector: 40A 600, 50A 600V, 120A 600V, 175A 600V,350A 600V
three-pole connector: 50A 600V, 175A 600V.

Anderson connector accessories: solid plug, T handle, soft dust cover, hard dust cover, 50 A 600v generation protective cover 50 second generation protective cover(with dust cover), 45 A 600V two position protective cover, two position second generation protective cover(with protective cover), three position protective cover, triangle handle